What is GridSense?

GridSense is an enabling tool for analytics,

Turn spreadsheet data into a sophisticated data warehouse.

Get reports and score cards, straight out of your remote folder.

Fully self-managed. No coding and no IT assistance required.

How does this work?

Upload a sample file

Upload files to cloud

Reports delivered

Three easy steps to analytics using GridSense.

GridSense engine will extract a Smart Template from this file. It will capture not just the layout but also the implicit cross-connections and other the details. Data will get consolidated in a meaningful way.

Collect files similar to the template. You will need to just drop these into a folder in the cloud and connect it to GridSense. Your files will be get processed and data will be added to the secure online Database.

Comprehensive reports will be dropped in your remote folder or any other remote folder as you add new files to your remote folder. You can also define your own reports or run queries and more.

But, is it for me?

“My previous sales data is contained in 500 odd spreadsheets. I want to explore which geography generates what kind of revenue, and compare the overall revenue with that of the previous 5 years.”

- Head of a Business Unit

GridSense is designed to read large spreadsheets and build relationships between tables and data-sets across spreadsheets. It captures various dimensions of the data. Just upload files and let GridSense do the rest.

Download case study.

“I want to get in place a system to monitor the recruitment process. I need quick reports. I need this to get off-the-ground in a manner of a week or two, but my IT team needs three months.”

- Head of a Recruitment

There is a simple three step process to set GridSense for such tasks. All you need is to provide GridSense with a sample data file based on which data will be analyzed and collated. The rest happens seamlessly.

Try it now!

“I get research reports from various sources. Pulling out the figures from these is time consuming, as there is no standard layout. I end up spending a lot of time copying data in and out.”

- Sr. Financial Analyst

GridSense is able to read any file, any layout, no need for master template. Ad-hoc data is converted into a manageable and structured data store. This information can be queried by defining custom reports.

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